Top 5 Strategies To Increase Social Media Engagements.

How To Increase Social Media Engagements?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, and LinkedIn have millions of active users who share their daily activities and preferences. Small businesses can take advantage of these platforms to achieve higher conversion rates due to the vast number of daily active users.

As the number of small-scale businesses grows, the use of social media to increase engagement and conversions is also on the rise. Many businesses have achieved profits and improved user engagement by implementing effective social media strategies. However, businesses without proper strategies may struggle to achieve their targets and ultimately fail.

This blog provides some of the best strategies to help businesses achieve higher conversions and engagement through the effective use of social media.

  1. Ask

  2. Expression

  3. Incentive

  4. Offer

  5. Utility



The most effective way to engage someone is by asking a question. While phrases such as “How are you?” and “How’s everything going?” are common, they may be too ordinary for social media. Questions like “Can you tell me your name?” or “What’s your email?” are unlikely to succeed, and the latter may come across as pushy. Instead, try asking questions that encourage people to share their thoughts and feelings, such as “How do you feel?” People enjoy discussing various topics and hearing from different perspectives, so asking questions like “What do you think?” can help grab your audience’s attention. You can also create engagement by:
  • Asking questions related to someone’s character, which allows them to share their thoughts or provide feedback on a topic.
  • Playing games that test knowledge, as this is difficult to resist.
  • Creating polls on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Not only does this engage your followers, but it can also provide valuable insights into their preferences and opinions.


The intersection of social media and mobile technology has transformed the ubiquitous smartphone into a tool for personal expression. Whether using front or rear cameras, audio on or off, filters, emojis, stickers, or other add-ons, people use smartphone apps to express themselves in various ways.

To encourage your audience to generate content with your brand, consider these ideas:

  • Utilize hashtags to connect with like-minded individuals. Before posting something of interest, do some hashtag research or create a unique phrase that reflects your brand. Invite your followers to join in and use related hashtags.

  • Host media upload contests that encourage participants to share original photos, videos, and other forms of self-expression like recipes, recordings, illustrations, poems, and essays.

  • Encourage reviewers to share their opinions through reviews, ratings, and testimonials, a concept that has become ingrained in e-commerce selling spaces thanks to pioneers like Amazon and Yelp.


While I’ve talked about various interactive materials such as competitions, I haven’t yet mentioned “gamification.” People love competing, keeping score, and winning at games, especially on social media.

To tap into your audience’s competitive spirit, incorporate enticing rewards into your social media contests. While the most valuable prizes are the most appealing, even small rewards can attract people.

An example of this can be seen in Converse’s Facebook contest, which is included in an article featuring 37 contest ideas to encourage audience engagement with your brand.


Your engagement strategy doesn’t have to be interactive or gamified all the time. You can entice your customers and prospects to engage with your company through traditional methods by offering appealing deals such as:

  • Instant coupons and savings
  • Membership clubs (like the example below)
  • Exclusive promotional discounts
  • Free shipping

Promoting deals on Facebook is easy through the “offer ad,” which is a type of Facebook ad. These ads can be redeemed online or in-store by Facebook fans. Facebook provides the following best practices for creating offers:

  • Make the discounts significant, with free items or at least 20% discounts to reach a larger audience.
  • Use captivating images of people using the product, rather than just the product or logo.
  • Set a deadline of a few days to claim the offer, and allow time for it to be shared with friends. An offer should last at least 7 days.
  • Pin your offer ad to the top of your page after creating it to make it stand out.


Engagement and utility go hand in hand on the internet nowadays.

According to a research analysis by Content Marketing Institute and ion interactive, the top two reasons for utilizing interactive content are to engage and educate the audience. Experienced B2B marketers, for the most part, prioritize utility in their content marketing strategies. They utilize tools, blog posts, videos, infographics, downloadable instructions, mini-courses, helpful email sequences, webinars, and other forms of useful content to engage prospective clients.


By using all those above mentioned strategies and steps this will help you to increase more social media engagements on your facebook or any other social media platforms. And so then this will help you to gain more engagement and helps to reach more conversions.

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