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Eliminate the need to manually add time entries from time cards. Hubstaff integrates with well-known accounting software programs for better bookkeeping, giving you or your human resources team the peace of mind that the billable hours you record are accurate.

Use our top accounting software if you want to organize your bills for income and expenses. Don’t act irrationally Go online. Keep your financial records current. Ideal for all business types. There are an infinite number of users and features.

Pardarshi Accounting Software

Manual bookkeeping involves performing numerous mathematical calculations by hand. An error made early on in the process could significantly affect the final balance. Perfect Solutions was established with the aim of improving accuracy by reducing or eliminating human errors in calculations.

Our accounting software is certified by the IRD (Inland Revenue Department) and offers a user-friendly system with unlimited user access for both online and offline licenses. What’s more, there’s no need for any key device for a license, even if it’s online. The system is easily backed up and restored and offers a copy master data facility along with import-export transactions. Additionally, the system employs the Fifo method of stock input, making purchasing vat and sales vat registers easier than ever before.

Other features of our software include auto interest calculation, product-wise profitability analysis, a pending cheque entry system, negative stock blocking and warning facilities, and single or multiple finished products manufacturing management. The stock current position display is available at entry time, and cash basis and accrual basis accounting services are both provided. It’s also easy to set up and print billing details, and multiple selection facilities are available at ledger summary.

The software also has an auto-maintain function for financial statements and trial balances at year-end. Additionally, the system offers an email facility, staff management, document renumbering, batch and free quantity management, expiry and breakage management, and production term facilities. Import cost management and customer and vendor aging are also provided, and all ledgers can be viewed on a single page.

Our software is available as an Android mobile app and is customizable to suit your needs.

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